Industrial design
Mass-production interior items
Wings table (2019)
Steel table WINGS in the technique of origami. Aesthetics of asymmetry and perfect balance. The secret of stability lies in the precise balance of the centers of mass. Corner joints are selected in such a way that the structure is absolutely stable. Currently, the table is made in two versions: a dining table (with a double base) and a coffee table.

The Armadillo (2020)
Children love to play on the floor. But this is not always convenient for board games and creativity.
The Armadillo is a furniture set which contains of 4 solid parts (tables) and 6 soft (seats), they can be combined in different ways, making up the set necessary at the moment. The tables are made of plywood; the seats are made of polyethylene foam, the furniture covers are made of nylon. These materials can be recycled.
This form appeared, thanks to the inspiration from the funny animal he once saw—the armadillo. The hard tables resemble the armor on his body, and the soft seats are the places where the shell folds.

Satellite the One (2022)
The coffee table is a transformer, the removable tabletop of which can be easily removed from the under frame. Such a tray, like a real satellite, will land with its owner on any. The removable double-sided tabletop is made of solid oak and oiled to ensure that contact with the material is the most pleasant tactile.
The under frame is made of steel and covered with a matte varnish.

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